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the master mind behind "No Way Merchandise" is well connected to the DnB scene. Behind the decks since 1994, promoting events since 1998 and always on the hunt for music since he was 13. Collecting signed Records, Illustrations and Stickers. Working in Skate retail since the mid 80's and running a Skate & Record Shop (Deck20  2003 - 2013). Motivated by his personal interest in action sports, music, fashion and lifestyle his new shop project. "No Way Merchandise" has been launched in late 2017 and is dedicated to bass driven music and underground club culture. Enjoy!





Style: Dark Drum and Bass, Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Crossbreed, Industrial Hardcore 




is addicted to Jungle, Drum n Bass & Hardcore since 1992 / DJ since 1994. First Vinyl: DJ Reedoo- "Rise and Shine" (Smokin' Drum Recordings).

He promotes D&B styles like Dark & Hard Drum and Bass, Crossbreed but also Hardcore.He also produces the one or other track for his mix sets in his home studio. Acriter stands for the harder electronic sounds, so nothing for the faint-hearted... But if you like it harder, you should definitely let yourself be carried away into his world full of relentless kickz & drumz.

 He has been organising Partys since 2001, events like "Manhunt" or "Intense", but also the world-famous "Therapy Sessions". And he is the organiser of the "Subland Events". Acriter revives the vibe of the former Subland Club as a series of events. Driven by his love of music, much more can be expected in the future.





Style: Dark Drum and Bass, Crossbreed, Hardcore



is an all-round music performer, producer, drummer, guitarist, visual artist, vocalist and lyricist.

Tired of genre restrictions, he carves out a stubborn path of creativity and self-expression.

Performing at warehouse raves, art exhibitions, band gigs and underground festivals across Belgium and Europe, his live-set is one of a thousand styles mashed up at a pace that leave no feet standing still for the open minded.  



Styles: Hardcore, Breakcore, Techno, Ambient





Danish artist mads lindgren aka monolog is a traveller in sound both figuratively and across the European continent, working intensely in the studio and on stage and taking care of various jobs in the audio industry. The musical activities started as a guitar player in various metal bands in the 90’s, but with distinct reference to the jazz guitar he grew up with. this combination resulted in an aggressive sound with complex harmonic structures, continuing into experiments in modern jazz with the vestbirk noiz ensemble playing kitchen utensils, power drills, ping pong balls and Akai samplers.


In 1999 he gave birth to monolog, a solo project coloured by the sound of his prior sonic endeavours, but adding an distinct experimental angle to his music production. At the same time gaining experience as a drum’n’bass dj he drew references to this in his musical scapes and structures through a series of clashes with extreme noise, idm, metal and jazz. 

Later he moved to berlin where he still resides, performing numerous live shows both in Berlin                          and as far away as China, Russia and most of the European continent.

Mads Lindgren’s monolog project is constantly changing, aiming for extremities and seeking them musically, technically and emotionally. whether it is hammering the drums or creating soothing harmonies, these musical poles are given life by intense binding of contrasts. Recent albums can be summed up as steps towards a harder, more dense and direct form that is new and yet unheard to the monolog alias. a staggering combination of ferocious intensity and atmospheric moments built on a flashing kaleidoscope of sonic facets between slow, steamrolling dub attacks and razor sharp drum’n’bass blasts. Signified by being brilliantly produced and carefully composed offering dense overwhelming walls of forging beats, thundering bass drones, majestic keyboard lines and well-integrated samples.


Main Labels: Hymen, Ad nosieam, Subtrakt, Denovali, Ohm Resistence, Acre recordings, Acroplane recordings, Tender.

Side Projects and regular collaborators: Diasiva [Monolog & Swarm intelligence], A Dying user [Monolog & Karsten Pflum], Subheim (recently release the conviction EP), Dean Rodell (Releases on Methlab, Ad noiseam and Subtrakt), Ivan Shopov (recent releases on Subtrakt)




Styles: Drum & Bass, Industrial, Experimental ... 



is a young Drum and Bass female DJ from Mannheim Germany.

Her interest in Drum and Bass started at the age of fourteen and in 2012 she experienced her favourite music for the first time at MS Connexion Club in Mannheim. Her focus on Drum and Bass shifted over the years from Jungle, Jump Up and Rollers over to Neurofunk, which is the style Trinity represents nowadays. She soon started growing interest into becoming a DJ and practiced alot. Being a deck shark for ten years she studied the mixing skills of many DJs and created her own set of skills behind the decks. Trinity's first gig was in October of 2017 and since then she had been playing Drum and Bass in several clubs all over Germany.




Styles: Drum n Bass, Neurofunk




Active in the Melbourne Club Scene for over two decades. Promoting various nights back in the days, spinning records alongside many big names touring Australia. Also one of the coolest cats to hang out with. Always good for a lough and a true vinyl addict!


Syle: Deep DnB, Jungle



Gore Tech 

British-born Electronic Music Producer: Gore Tech joins us as one of our acts at 'No Way Merchandise' having been involved since the days of Deck 20 and a local at the now legendary Subland club in Berlin.

Based in Manchester England Gore Tech has had a healthy stint in the German scene and  has been involved in the Berlin underground during his time here.


Gore Tech has signed his music to labels such as Ad Noiseam, Peace Off, PRSPCT and Murder Channel and more recently is involved bringing EXE Project to surface.




Styles: Drum & Bass, Dub, Techno, Industrial




An Italian audio engineer who's truly in love with breakbeats and low frequencies, mainly influenced by the old school Jungle and the 2000s technoid beats, but also heavily inspired by Metal, Hip Hop, Ambient as well as Sci-fi, Horror movies video games and random everyday sounds. He developed his production skills for over a decade and finally reached his own unique imprint. He already supplied some artillery to labels such as Krytika Productions, Monochrome Recordings, Lethal Injection and Evil Audio. A real Amen soldier, always down for the cause, no matter if behind or in front of the decks.


Style: Jungle, Dark Drum and Bass, Halftime 

Violet Core  

stands behind the decks since 2014, but has fallen in passion for the music since her infancy and been active in various band projects since her teens. Whether on the turntables, in the studio, on the mic or on the guitar: she knows how to convince with her creative output.
'Violet's' DJ sets got an unique and barnstorming vibe, including harder, classical and deeper styles, straight from the darkside of Drum & Bass. Not only as one half of the producer duo Scary Woods, she has a steadily growing repertoire of her own tunes. As a booker and promoter 'Violet Core' provides Hamburg's Drum & Bass scene with some of the most wanted dark & hard Drum and Bass artists.  In 2011 she has co-founded 'Bass Forward The Revolution' and even brought the 'Therapy Sessions' to Hamburg. In order to create a platform for herself and her network's producers, she co-founded the Drum and Bass label 'Insomnius Music'.


Styles: Drum & Bass (Dark, Hard & Deep), Neuro, Jungle ...


Bass Forward The Revolution



is producing and djing Dark Drum & Bass since 2009.
In 2014 he founded his own label “Krytika Productions”, originally bassed in Hamburg.
Krytika is organizing and promoting events since 2012.
His latest event series called “Komplex 175” - Dark Drum and Bass Sessions.
Besides his musical output he works as a Graphic Designer under the synonym “Abstraktus”.

Style: Dark Drum & Bass




used to be a vocalist in a few Grindcore and Death Metal bands. After a few years they split up and he immersed him self into producing and playing hard or deep D&B. The influence of his metal roots are still mirrored in his tracks. Since he likes to push boundaries his sound will never get boring, so plenty of variations are to be found in his sets. es a lot. Get infected!


Labels: Krytika Productions, Hangout Music (The Grey Division), 

Ex Machina Records, Crach Records 


Styles: Dark Drum and Bass, Halftime, Breakcore, Ambient 






Styles: Drum and Bass, Neuro, Beatbox 

Silent B.O.B. 



Mystical Feelings


Styles: Drum and Bass, Neuro, Liquid, Dark DnB 




Marco aka Drumago from south Germany / Freiburg is active since 2012 as a DJ and promoting events. He began to write his own music in 2020 and is constantly improving his skills. So far he released on bananabassmusic and ellemination gaining lots of attention trough his productions and DJ sets. During his young appearance he played gigs all over Germany and beyond, spreading some heavy neuro full of passion, touching the crowd’s heart and soul. Much more to be expected from this man in the future.



Style: Neuro Funk, Dark Drum and Bass, Crossbreed


Mit 14 Jahren entdeckte Jam Wortmann aka HighThere das Genre Drum & Bass für sich. Seit dem stetig auf der suche nach neuem Sound, kamen mit 18 die ersten DJ-Versuche.
Nach ersten Bookings im Süddeutschen Raum , wurde die BassKultur Crew rund um Danielson auf HighThere aufmerksam. Zusammen mit dieser begannen regelmäßige Auftritte. 2013 wurde Jan Resident der Ulmer Partyreihe Bassportation und begann seinen Sound zu formen. Durch nationale wie internationale Kontakte begannen überregionale Auftritte quer durch Deutschland und einige Internationale Bookings. Unter anderem durch sein erstes Booking im Ndorphinclub in Chemnitz lernte der Ulmer die Basstroopers Crew kennen und merkte sofort dass deren Sound wie die Faust aufs Auge passte. HighThere steht für kompromissloses Mixing , mindblowing Combinations und 100% Drum and Bass. Seine Sets setzen sich aus jeglichen Subgenres zusammen , es wird also nie eintönig. Durch seine Mixes mit der DNB-Cam hat HighThere international für Aufsehen gesorgt und ebenfalls die Gruppe DnB Talk Germany gegründet, die in der ganzen Republik Interaktionen zwischen allen DNB-Heads hervorgerufen hat und die #dnbfamily hat wachsen lassen! Seit kurzem hat der Wahl-Berliner den Entschluss gefasst die Liebe zum Drum and Bass auch in eigenen Produktionen zum Ausdruck zu bringen , man darf also gespannt sein! Style: Drum & Bass, Neuro 

HighThere on facebook

DnB Talk Germany on facebook 

Style: Drum & Bass, Neuro 

Dan FX 



Sunset Crew


Styles: Drum and Bass 






Bretter Wars Crew, @dnb_raves_Crew 


Styles: Drum and Bass, Jump Up, Neuro 



Julian was introduced to Drum and Bass at the age of 16 by attending small raves in his hometown.This is where he discovered his love for fast and driving breakbeats. Drum and Bass then became part of his life and the next obvious step was to get into DJing. He began to spin in 2020, at first hooked on Jump Up, later on experimenting various sub-genres until he got hooked on Neuro Funk, which is what he identifies himself with now a days. After a lot of home practice, followed by some smaller parties he proved that he had wat it takes. He then got asked to play at Mannheim Takeover and Hard Ins Neue Jahr / SYLVSTER 2022 at MS Connexion Complex in Mannheim. Everything is just starting for the youngster and there will be much more to expect, look and listen! Semes like there is an exciting future ahead of him. 




Styles: Drum and Bass, Neuro Funk


Dead Sin  





Styles: Drum and Bass, Neuro, Hard DnB, Crossbreed, Tekk, Hardcore and all other darker and harder beats. Mainly 180 - 220 BPM



Lucas was listening to Freestyler at a young age, this is where things got started for him. Driven by Old School Hip Hop and Metall he began to DJ at the age of 18, going trough different faces and genres until he returned to where it all began. Breakbeats and hard riffs lead him to Neurofunk pared with heavy drum patterns.  His sets are taking you on a journey, showing you the edge from a different perspective. During the past 4 years he adapted sound design to his skills and is producing his own beats. He is constantly improving his production flow, resulting with some abstract drum patterns. 




Live/Studio Sets: Mixcloud

Demos/Releases: Soundcloud



Styles: Drum and Bass Rollers, Neuro Funk, Techstep, Crossbreed, Raggatekk, Experimental 


Dr Woe 

Born in Berlin, 'Dr Woe' began to produce his own tracks at younger ages and has expanded in recent years his music production skills. In 2016, the 'Insomnius Music' co-founder has released his debut 'The Insomnius EP' on his own label. Since 2004 'Woe' is known for his driving, varied Drum & Bass DJ Sets with which he takes the listener on a journey of rolling darkside Drum & Bass by deeper styles to tough Neurofunk. In his own Mix series 'The Rolling Woe Show', he has demonstrated for over one decade diversity with a guarantee for increased heart rate. Since 2018 he is running the Podcast and event series 'Keep Da Bass Rollin'. Even as event organizer is 'Dr Woe' active. He is a member of 'The Outrider Crew'', with which he has presented several events. 'Woe' is also the graphic designer and one of the resident DJs of the Hamburg based 'Bass Forward The Revolution Crew.' 


Bass Forward The Revolution 


Styles: Drum & Bass (Dark, Hard & Deep), Neuro, Jungle ... 








Styles: Lyrical flow to spice up the DJ Sets 







Styles: Lyrical flow to spice up the DJ Sets 







Styles: Lyrical flow to spice up the DJ Sets 


Stan Preacher

Berlin based Photographer, looking for the extreme and different, capturing the moment in his unique style.     




Styles: Lost Places, Nightlife, Portrait, Fashion, Models ...

DESIGN / Illustration


New York based Artist, creating awesome Illustrations just with a pencil. You can also find his work on various record covers. As a true Music lover you can also find him behind the decks, mainly playing vinyl and delivering a variety of the darker, deeper and sometimes experimental sounds. 





Styles: Dark Drum and Bass


Manchester Based Graphic Designer Machine™ (Who may or may not also be Gore Tech) has completed design work for some the scenes most iconic Artists, Labels, Promoters and Agencies. including: Varispeed, Ad Noiseam, Methlab, Subland, Aaron Spectre, N1ghtshift Berlin, Relapse Manchester, EXE Project, Sonic Terror, Fractal Leeds and Blakk Harbour. His style is a furious whirlwind of punk-pop-art and subversion. 




Styles: Punk, Anime, Pop-Art, Breakcore But For Your Eyes